Swift Nick Nevison Spiced Rum

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Our premium range of rums have been created and inspired by the memory of a family member John ‘Swift Nick’ Nevison – The Glamorous Highwayman

John Nevison, 1639-1684, became a famous robber and highwayman, waylaying travellers and stealing their valuables. Seen by some as a modern-day Robin Hood, he never used violence against his victims           

Nevison famously galloped 200 miles from Gad’s Hill in Kent to York in a single day to create an alibi. After finding lodgings in the town, he strolled over to the local green at 8pm and struck up a conversation with the Lord Mayor of York who was bowling. He was arrested but his clever alibi led to his acquittal. He was later nicknamed ‘Swift Nick’ by King Charles II.

With a nod back to the smuggling of old, we import a fine Guyanese Rum.

We then add botanicals from Swift Nicks secret recipe, and steep then distil again to produce a unique smooth clean botanical Rum.

With sweet vanilla notes on the nose which is combined with a spice mixture including vanilla and orange that's distilled in a our copper stills and aged in our barrels. Serve over ice with the mixer of your choice or serve neat to truly experience the abundant flavour.

Clove-studded orange, Hawthorn berries, Seshwan pepper for the spice, very slightly blended with Tonka Bean for a smooth finish.

ABV 42%