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Light Rum

In this section our rums are categorized as light as they are unaged, light in body or lightly aged then filtered through charcoal to remove the colour of the wood. They still retain an incredible amount of aroma, through fermentation, distillation or aging in oak barrels.

Jamaican white rums are known for their pungency, tropical flavours and strength. This rum is no different except a reduced ABV gives it a little more versatility than its stronger counterparts. Made from local molasses, the by-product of local sugarcane, and distilled in a copper pot still, this award-winning molasses rum is a classic Jamaican style.

Serving Suggestions: Perfect in rum punches or light cocktails where you want the flavour of the rum to shine through. For a refreshing easy drink why not try a “Rise ‘n’ Shine”, which is simple Worthy Park silver & freshly squeezed Orange juice.

Tasting Notes

A sweet and fragrant un-aged rum, the nose is full of tropical, fruity flavours dominated by banana, pineapple with hints of citrus and vanilla. The aromatic but powerful Jamaican funk will make you feel that this rum is stronger than it really is. But on the palate, it is rich and fruity with buttery, banana notes and candied fruit. The finish is naturally sweet, long with spicy citrus notes and a touch of molasses.