Moersleutel Fryed Brain Rye Stout

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11% - Imperial Rye Stout

From the brewery;

An ingenious doctor, crafting potions that transform him. This time he does not hurt people, the potion grants visions of different luscious beers. He can’t help himself but to turn the kettle, mill the grain and share the fruits of his work with everyone, leaving no soul behind. For the first beer Dr. Jekyll looked around him, saw things that were invisible before, collected My head hurts…. Where have I been? I don’t feel like myself anymore. But I must not stop, research needs to go on. What do we have today? New cereal? Is this rye? Where did it come from? How is this possible? This must be a sign. I must capture all of its flavor, this Rye malt in front of us is unique, spicy and bready. Let me fetch some of those fancy British hops…. too liquid, it needs to boil longer… just a bit more… a bit of yeast and now it’s perfect! truly hope this pitch black syrup cures my headache. Should I be afraid? Glup, glup, glup…..