Kirkjuvagr Aurora spiced gin

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Aurora - Winter edition Spiced Orkney Gin

In Orkney, the appearance of the Aurora Borialis, or Northern Lights, marks the start of our journey towards the long, dark nights of an island winter.  The almost endless days of our summer means that this breath-taking spectacle can't be easily seen, so the return of our 'Merry Dancers' is always eagerly anticipated.  It's a time for wrapping up and gazing skywards in awe, before gathering indoors to share stories around a roaring peat fire.

This Aurora edition of our acclaimed Kirkjuvagr Gin seeks to bring extra warmth and spice to those crisp evenings under the stars.  Ground cinnamon, nutmeg and whole cloves provide this warm spice whilst pink and black peppercorns provide a lasting tongue-tingling presence in the finish.

Tasting Notes: 

Aurora starts with the sweetness of orange and cinnamon but transforms into a warming spicy finish, owing to the pink and black peppercorns used in distillation. 


Perfect Serve:

Serve Aurora over lots of ice, garnish with a wedge of orange and a stick of cinnamon and top with ginger ale.