Biggar Gin Triple Gift Set (3 x 5cl)

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The Biggar Gin Triple Gift Set showcases the range from The Biggar Gin Co. including their limited edition Clyde Valley Plum Gin.

Based just outside the South Lanarkshire town, the The Biggar Gin Co is built around 'Biggar Mentality' - a small scale, rare, batch philosophy that reflects a passion, ambition and taste that is big. 

The gift set contains a miniature of each of the gins:

  • Original Recipe Gin (43%) - an incredibly scmooth gin made using a combination of traditional and locally handpicked botanicals including fresh orange peel, fresh lemon peel, rosehip, rowan berries, nettles and coriander.
  • Navy Strength Gin (57%) - made with a slightly different recipe to the Original Gin but with the same creamy, smoothness. A gin that packs a punch with a gentle spice. 
  • Clyde Valley Plum Gin (39%) - a very limited gin infused with plums grown solely within the Clyde Valley. Highly recommended with ginger ale for a sweeter serve.

All presented in a presentation gift box.